Thursday, February 19, 2015

> AGRAFE Conference Branding

I had the pleasure to work lately with the French Consulate in Beirut on the visual identity of their new geo-referencing app AGRAFE.

The project was launched by Mrs Cécile Longé, Consul General, as well as Mr Paoli the French Ambassador, in the in the beautiful premises of the Résidence des Pins.

Navleb created the app, I designed the logo, brochure, and all the branding in the following pictures, and printing + production was handled by the super helpful pressrilis.

As you can see, for the video presentation, we integrated a plasma screen in the giant flex banner behind Mrs Longé.

Another branding option for conferences containing more multimedia is a giant LED screen like this 14 x 4 m one we created for LFA's BIFEX last year, where you could insert the speaker's presentation, a live video cam and the twitter feed for example:

I love the work behind branding conferences because it could go from the smallest detail like a name tag to art directing the whole show, and I'm really grateful to the French Consulate for giving me this chance!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

> Guest blogging about Men's Fashion

I did say I would blog more regularly, and I am! But not here ;-)
I was invited by Joe's Box to write about style for men and I already did 3 posts:

> The evolution of men's fashion lately
> The elements of style, or the devil is in the details
> Sock it up young man!

Enjoy reading...

Monday, December 8, 2014

> New Christmas Wrapping : Rooly Booly

Just a cute project I just finished for Rooly Booly, the new design of the wrapping papers:

Thank you Joe for the beautiful photos!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Paradis retrouvé(e): the muse of Biolay

Don't get me wrong, I was one of many to be disappointed by Depp & Paradis' break up two years ago... However at that same period I had a kind of premonition when I first saw this beautiful clip by Benjamin Biolay "Aime mon amour"; Somehow I found in the sensual Karole Rocher (actor and director of this clip) a very "troublante"resemblance with Vanessa Paradis:

Biolay, who looks a lot like Benicio Del Toro but with an amazing sexy voice,  has aways been on my "cream of the crop"... (here with Julie Gayet (currently at l'Elysée, which is funny since the rumor says he also was with Bruni after Chiara Mastroianni) )

He also has an incredible and immense talent as a singer and writer and he did work previously with Paradis. But when she launched the "Love songs" album and tour, their collaboration was sky rocketing and it was obvious there was a lot more going on... that they did confirm recently.

Which bring us to what I wanted to say, Vanessa is now a 40 something woman, but in my eyes she is now hotter than ever, hotter that than she was with Depp, hotter than when she was with Lenny Kravitz , and somehow "la boucle est bouclée" since at the very beginning of her career Gainsbourg wrote for her, and now she is the muse of Biolay, the "digne" successor of Gainsbourg...

Just have a look and judge by yourselves:

I finish off with eye & ear candy; their sensuous latest single "Pas besoin de permis", enjoyyyy....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

> From one season to the other: RJ minimag

This post means that I took too much weeks off from blogging, and I'm here to fix that!
I've got a lot to show you and will try to do that at least once very week.
Let's start with the new RJ catalogue for which I worked on the concept and art direction:

Warm colors, lots of blue, black and navy denim, as well as a lovely sweater collection...

Shot at Imad El Khoury Studio, Bouyouti & the Shouf Cedar Reserve.

Full Catalogue here:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

> Fashionably late, RJ mini mag

Yep, was late to share this but have to have it here!
This SS 2014 season was very light and sporty, hence the tennis & pool backgrounds...


Creative direction: Maya Metni | Styling: Julien Abboud | Photography: Imad Khoury

 You can check the whole mag here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

> Art directing for ESA business school

I was lately asked to direct a 2 day photoshoot for the famous business school ESA and it was quite challenging since we were working with the real students during the real classes. What we did was integrating a few faces in the front rows, whom we casted amidst the students and school personnel.

Photos were shot by Imad El Khoury, brochures were created by the talented Nay Elian, and Art Direction by myself.

Monday, June 2, 2014

> Having fun with Bleu Objet

Being the visual communication consultant of Bleu, allows me to do lots of fun stuff, from Beirut to Bollywood, but that's another story that I will tell once finished. What I want to talk about today is their capsule collection of unique deco items, to which I create an emailer each tuesday and that we call "Les Mardis Bleus".
Here are my favorite ones, hand-picked.

Friday, March 7, 2014

#FashionFriday: Caroline Issa, an Iconic Style Muse "with a Lebanese Twist"

Don't you just love the expression "Lebanese Twist", used, re-used and re-reused to sell you sweets, mezze, crafts, businessmen & politicians?.. Well today I simply want to express my fandom!
Take a look at this beauty:

Caroline Issa, founder of Because London & editor of Tank magazine, grew up in Montreal with a Chinese mother and Lebanese-Persian father. I know, far fetched, but hey... I'm proud!! And I love this cosmopolitan mix that many Lebanese have, Beirut-London-Paris-Montreal-NYC... French-English-Arabic-Italian... It's the mixture that enriches. 
There are many influencers of Lebanese descent in fashion, but what Caroline represents is this fresh self confidence to pull up any color-texture-shape combination and still look dazzling, because she is so at ease with who she is, or at least that's what she conveys.

She has been a Londoner for more than 10 years, and that doesn't surprise me: London is such a versatile city, combining both history (like Paris) and dynamism (Like New York) which makes it the perfect capital for Tank & Because London.

Caroline is a daily source of inspiration for fashionistas around the globe, simply check google, tumblr & pinterest; but also for women entrepreneurs & pioneers of the fashion industry, as you can read here , here & here...

In conclusion? *sings* Tu es l'As de Trefle qui Pique mon fashion sense, Caro-line...

photos via the sartorialist & candice lake


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